Monday, July 25, 2011

Comic-Con 2011 Fringe Panel

I rushed and got in line for the Fringe Panel and got in to the previous Vampire Diaries Panel and then was able to make it up closer when that panel ended.

The Fringe Panel was awesome, I got into the Q & A line at the beginning and they started like always with a clip real that highlighted all of the main characters. Then all of them came out, the two main showrunners Jeff Pinkner & JH Wyman, along with Anna Torv (Olivia), John Noble(Walter), Lance Reddick (Broyles), Blair Brown (Nina), Jasika Nicole (Astrid) and Seth Gabel (Lincoln Lee) (who is becoming a full time cast member.)

John Noble said: “You guys are the best fans that ever existed, thank you from all of us very sincerely”. Pinkner & Wyman said “We’ve got to address the elephant in the room. Somebody’s not here — Gene booked milk commercial.” They spoke about how they decided to let go of Joshua Jackson them because of how expensive he was so they had auditions for a new actor to play Peter and they showed a clip of auditions Fringe Audition Tape: Rebecca Mader, Damon Lindelof, Michael Emerson, Greg Grunberg, Jeff Probst, Jorge Garcia and many others in [Peter Bishop] audition video.

J.H. Wyman said “There is no Peter. He doesn’t exist.” Joshua Jackson enters panel. Wearing Observer suit and fedora. Anna Torv asked If Peter doesn’t exist, is there a child? Pinkner said “I’m not sure we’ve seen all of Olivia’s powers yet. What’s going to happen is really hard to answer because we think it would spoil letting the show unfold.” Lance Reddick was asked to impersonate William Bell which was very funny. Joshua teases Lance about the impersonation and Lance replies “You don’t exist anymore so stop talking”John Noble has a soft spot for Walternate, he could understand why he would do what he did and the justifications. Josh Jackson later jokes with John Noble: “You shot my wife in the head!

Seth Gabel says he’s more like Over Here Lincoln. Joshua asked about whether he wishes that he had an alternate. Jackson enjoyed free time not having to play an alt-Peter, however S4 will take him to a different arena. “I don’t think Peter will ever have an alternate, but however he gets folded back into the story, it will be a very different version than what we’ve seen before. He’s in a different place now.” Jasika Nicole was asked something that she didn’t want to answer and started singing “Astrid has a gun”.

Pinkner/Wyman said “What’s been great about flashback episodes is that it’s deepened the emotions of these characters” / “We’ve loved them as well and it’s our intent to keep doing that. We’ll always go back and forward if it suits the story and the things we are trying to get across.” John Noble: “Walter and Nina have an affair in Season 5.” Joshua Jackson screams, “Mommmy!” (I got about 4 people away from the microphone when they cut the line off.)

The Cast then turn to ask the audience trivia questions for "Save Peter" T-Shirt prizes. Jasika asks: What type of sandwich did Walter make for Astrid when she was trying to crack the code in season three? Cucumber, avocado, cheese and tortilla chips. Anna Torv asks what color was Walter’s suit that he got married in. Purple. John Noble asks: Roscoe (Christofer Lloyd) was keyboard player in a band. What other instrument did he play on record cover? Drums. Blair Brown: “What did Peter promise Nina in equestrian ring in S1?” He would owe her a favor. The Panel swag was a luggage tag with a changeing picture on the front with the two Olivia’s on one side and the two Walters on the other with a disappearing and reappearing Peter in the middle. It said on the back “If found in this Universe or the other side, please contact:" with lines to fill out your address.

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