Monday, July 25, 2011

Comic-Con Report 2011 Alcatraz Panel

After that was able to jump to the front row for the Alcatraz panel. They actually showed the Pilot Episode which I loved. It reminds me of Fringe with the cop aspects and Jorge is kind of a nerdy mix of Hurley & Walter and Sam Neil is kind of a Broyles type. The main girl is pretty with a hidden family history that not even she knows about. It’s a total find the murderer on his killing spree before he kills everyone on his list. Plus there’s the Lost type mystery of who zapped all these prison inmates to the present and is letting a new one loose each episode to exact revenge each episode and how did they do it?

Elizabeth Sarnoff (Showrunner), Jack Bender (Writer), Jorge Garcia (Alcatraz Consultant), Sarah Jones (Main Cop and then FBI girl), Jeffrey Pierce (First Alcatraz inmate released and possiblely a bigger part then is revealed) and another actor (Fiance of the main girl) came out and spoke about the show for a very short time since they showed the Premiere. There was a lot of talk about how some of the similarities with Lost were purposeful, but that it was its own show.

After that I tried to make the Person of Interest panel, but that got closed off. So all in all an exceptionally good Comic-Con this year

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