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Leonard Nimoy Recovering from Abdominal Surgery

Ether People got their fact wrong or William Bell isn't really dead!?!!!?! I know that the creator did say that they had more story for Nimoy if he came out of retirement. Hopefully he has a sppedy recovery and we do get to see more of Bell.

By Sara Hammel

Friday October 22, 2010 02:35 PM EDT

Leonard Nimoy, who played Mr. Spock on the original Star Trek TV series, is recovering from "a minor benign abdominal surgery," according to reports.

The actor's rep says the star is "recovering beautifully," according to TMZ.

Nimoy, 79, was forced to miss an appearance at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art on Thursday, TMZ reports.

He currently has a recurring role on the Fox series Fringe.,,20436284,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Meltdown Comics presents: “The Fringe Event” Sunday, Oct. 24th, 5-9PM

Oct 20, 2010.


Series Star John Noble and Executive Producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman to Appear Sunday, October 24, at Auction of Specially Designed Alterna-Verse

Versions of Classic Comic Book Covers to Benefit Autism Speaks

LOS ANGELES (October 20, 2010) — Fans of the acclaimed FOX television show FRINGE, which airs Thursdays from 9:00–10:00 p.m. ET/PT, are invited to take a trip to the alternate universe at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood on Sunday, October 24, from 5–9 p.m.

•Series star John Noble and executive producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman will be on hand to meet fans and auction off five special items from the series — five alternate-universe versions of classic comic book covers created by DC Comics artists that appeared on-screen in a key scene in the season two finale episode — to benefit Autism Speaks.
•In addition, Meltdown will display props and artifacts from the series at Hollywood’s iconic comic book store, located at 7522 Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, between Fairfax and La Brea. Some props include Newton’s laser scalpel (episode 210), an alternate universe inhaler (episode 303), Nixon coin (episode 221) and Martin Luther King $20 bill (episode 221).
•The event will be an opportunity to collect autographs with Noble, Pinkner, Wyman and other writers from the show, all culminating in an auction of the amazing alternate universe comic books.
•Meltdown Comics Event Director SAX Carr said, “Autism hits close to home in many families and it is really a remarkable thing when such a popular show can take time to raise money for such an important cause. We expect a large crowd, and are grateful to everyone who helped make this happen.” SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS


“Fringe” @FRINGEonFOX

Meltdown Comics @meltdowncomics



Meltdown Comics

“Fringe” Event at Meltdown Comics:

In the season two finale of FRINGE, Peter Bishop (actor Joshua Jackson) travels to the alternate universe where he was born. The writers of the episode — Akiva Goldsman, Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman — wanted to show something from Peter’s childhood, and they decided that young Peter collected comic books. DC Comics artists created five alternate-universe versions of classic comic book covers. The framed covers appear on-screen in a key scene in “Over There: Part 2.”

Those rare pieces of pop culture artwork will be available for auction to support the research funded by charitable organization Autism Speaks.

But that’s not all. On display, fans will find props, posters and other “artifacts” from the alternate universe. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to visit another world while rubbing elbows with the creative talent that made it possible.

Autism Speaks was founded in February 2005 by Bob and Suzanne Wright, grandparents of a child with autism. Since then, Autism Speaks has grown into the nation’s largest autism science and advocacy organization, dedicated to funding research into the causes, prevention, treatments and a cure for autism; increasing awareness of autism spectrum disorders; and advocating for the needs of individuals with autism and their families.

FRINGE is a procedural thriller that follows an FBI agent (Olivia Dunham), an eccentric fringe scientist (John Noble) and his estranged son (Joshua Jackson) as they explore mysterious occurrences linked to parallel universes, doppelgängers and unimaginable threats. Created by, J. J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci the mind-bending series has been critically claimed throughout its two previous seasons and is now in its third, with an even greater focus on the alterna-verse. Produced by Bad Robot Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television, the series airs Thursdays from 9:00–10:00 p.m. ET/PT on FOX and is executive produced by Abrams, Bryan Burk, J.H. Wyman, Jeff Pinkner and Joe Chappelle.

Meltdown Comics was founded in 1993 by Gaston Dominguez-Letelier. At 9000 square feet, Meltdown is the largest pop culture emporium west of the Rockies. It’s ever-shifting stock holds new discoveries for even the most discerning reader and if you are new to the game the dimmest ember of obsession shall be fanned into a great bonfire here. Meltdown’s proprietors have seized every opportunity to upgrade service within the store resulting in unparalleled relationships with vendor and consumer alike.


SAX Carr, Event Director for Meltdown Comics


Exclusive: Fringe gets a Back to the Future Shock!

Oct 20, 2010 02:39 PM ET
by Damian Holbrook

Great Scott! Back to the Future's Doc Brown will be meeting Fringe's resident Doctor Frankenstein when Christopher Lloyd guest stars early next year as Walter's musical hero.

"We all know how much Walter loves music, right? Well this fellow was one of his icons," explains John Noble of Lloyd's role in the season's 10th episode. "He adored this man. So Walter gets to be a bit of a fanboy."

Lloyd, who is currently enjoying a resurgence thanks to the 25th anniversary of Future, begins filming next week in Vancouver and will appear in the show's 10th episode. And while there remains a Fringe-ian veil of secrecy surrounding his actual involvement in the hour's investigation, it's very clear that Nobel is excited to have Marty McFly's bestie coming aboard. "It's a beautiful role and such good casting," he enthuses. "When I read the script I thought 'I hope hey get someone great.' And Christopher Lloyd exceeds my expectations!"

Fringe - Episode 3.05 - Amber 31422 - Press Release

--“FRINGE”—(9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) CC-HDTV 720p-Dolby Digital 5.1


Shawn Ashmore (“X-Men: The Last Stand”) and Aaron Ashmore (“Smallville”) Guest-Star

The alternate universe Fringe Division investigates a shocking breach of security when a twin frees his brother (guest stars Shawn and Aaron Ashmore) from a quarantined Amber area. As the team sets out to crack this sophisticated case, Walternate experiments over there more with Olivia as she reenters the tank. Meanwhile, visions of Peter continue to haunt Olivia about returning to the “other side” in the all-new “Amber 31422” episode of FRINGE airing Thursday, Nov. 4 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (FR-305) (TV-14 L, V)

Cast: Anna Torv as Olivia Dunham; Joshua Jackson as Peter Bishop; John Noble as Walter Bishop; Lance Reddick as Phillip Broyles; Blair Brown as Nina Sharp; Kirk Acevedo as Charlie Francis; Jasika Nicole as Astrid Farnsworth

Guest Cast: Ryan James McDonald as Brandon; Amy Madigan as Marilyn Dunham; Seth Gable as Lincoln Lee; Shawn Ashmore as Joshua Rose; Aaron Ashmore as Matthew Rose; Holly Dignard as Danielle Rose

Fringe | A Day On The Set Of Massive Dynamic

This was posted the day of last weeks episode.

Thursday, October 14th, 2010 at 1:00pm
by Josh Wigler

I am in tonight’s episode of Fringe. Well, maybe. We’ll see.

In August, I was invited to visit the Vancouver set of Fox’s critically acclaimed science fiction series, currently in production on its third season. This wasn’t my first time visiting Fringe, having traversed the halls of Massive Dynamic and Walter Bishop’s Harvard laboratory earlier this year in anticipation of the second season finale. But this trip would be much different than the last, as I wasn’t invited just to report — I was invited to act.

Before I make this sound too glamorous, you should know that I was invited to participate as an extra. So, no, despite being within a five foot vicinity of actors Joshua Jackson, John Noble and Blair Brown, I wasn’t actually acting with them — just acting around them. That doesn’t make my televised debut any less glorious — at least that’s what my mom tells me — and lest you think otherwise, the role of an extra is not an enviable one; sure, there’s the free food and the opportunity to schmooze with a wide range of industry folks, but there’s also heartbreak.

Two rounds of heartbreak on my part, at least.

More of the experience here.

HitFix Interview: Blair Brown talks 'Fringe'

This confirms my suspicion that Nina has not been in the Alternate Reality because of an unnamed specific reason.

HitFix: Have you gotten to play the Alternate Nina yet?

BB: Not yet. Not yet.

HitFix: Do you think there's a reason for that?

BB: This is a pretty heavily plot-driven show. So there's a reason. I don't know what it is, but there's a reason.

HitFix: If I asked you to guess, what would you speculate? It seems like her absence would be conspicuous at a certain point...

BB: Yeah. Yeah. So I would assume that means that there's going to be a very... Well, part of me's there. My arm is still on the other side. I keep wishing somebody would trip over it and go, "What the hell is this? Oh my God! This is Nina's! Let's take it back!" But no one has done that. They're a thoughtless bunch.

More of the interview can be found here.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep? Episode Review by Paul Burrows

This episode was great because it demonstrated two opposing types of people, those that lie in order to obtain something and those who for different reasons allow themselves to be fooled in order to get what they want. Also it was great to see some of the Shapeshifters learn to develop true human emotions which were seemingly against their programing.

Bolivia has been pretending to be our Olivia since they returned from the alternate universe very effectively, but the lie is starting to unravel. Peter is starting to notice differences in Bolivia and has started to connect some dots, but Peter in convincing himself that nothing is wrong with her because he really wants a relationship with Olivia. He summed it up well when he talked about the old guy dating the hot young girl because of transactional needs and drawing a line in the sand, he even goes as far as to mention that there were differences in Olivia later in the episode, thus demonstrating that Peter is lying to himself because of the relationship that he wants with Olivia.

Newton speaks with Olivia about drawing lines in the sand and about how doing so will be the end of her lie. Olivia is starting to show feelings for Peter, she’s starting to care for Peter primarily and even a little for Walter. At the same time she’s trying to use love/lust to use Peter, but it’s starting to backfire on her. But besides Olivia starting to have feelings there’s also another glimmer of hope for our Fringe team, it’s interesting how Walter under the LSD trip was the one who was able to actually see the truth behind her lie, if you look closely when Olivia, Broyles and Walter were in an office and Walter made the comment about Olivia’s hair you can tell a few minutes later that he notices something different about her. I’m guessing that he sees a glow around her like the real Olivia saw around Peter and like how the college students that he and Bell had use LSD to get them to see the alternate world awhile back. So it’s only a matter of time before they put things together and see the truth. And in this episode two Shapeshifters even became truthful to their programing.

Newton told the Policeman Shapeshifter that his family life was just a weigh station; he told him that having feelings was against his programing. But seeing how William Bell was the creator of the Shapeshifters and I would guess that he secretly added emotions to the Shapeshifters, its Walternate that commanded them to do infiltration and other bad things. So I feel that when the Senator and the Policeman showed love towards their families that they were demonstrating a hidden programing that Bell had designed in order to undermine Walternate’s agenda.

A few final thoughts, I loved how Walter was giving a lecture to some of the Massive Dynamic scientists while under the influence of LSD and how he later told Astrid to not eat his pudding. Also it was great how he finally got her name right. As for Observer sightings there’s one at the 19 minute mark when Bolivia, Peter & Broyles meet with Walter in the Massive Dynamic lobby.

Monday, October 11, 2010

FRINGE - Season 3 Deleted Scene

I'm pretty sure that this deleted scene takes place in the Premiere.

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Plateau Episode Review by Paul Burrows

This was a great episode of Fringe because every element was used to push the overarching arc of Olivia being trapped and brainwashed on the alternate side and slowly coming out of it. The antagonist Milo Stanfield is used very well to illuminate and push forward this idea, so are the reactions and conversations of Olivia’s coworkers and boyfriend. Milo’s abilities might also illuminate us on another group of characters the Observers.

I was a little surprised that Olivia’s reverting bad is happening so quickly, but I think that it’s really good that the creators are moving his story along like they are. The genius of this episode and of Fringe in general is that the villain isn’t just some random bad guy caused by just a cool scientific accident. Milo was created as a means to display the fact that Olivia’s memories were slowly coming back to her. It was great to see Charlie, Lincoln and Olivia interact and their playful banter, seeing Charlie again has been a real treat, but besides that it’s even greater because it all builds on Charlie’s growing doubt about Olivia being their Olivia. Then there was Olivia’s interview of Milo’s Sister Madeline and the intentional parallel nature of her and Milo and the growing divide in Olivia’s mind between the ideas of her dead/not dead sister. The best thing though and the catalyst of it all was the visions of Peter and Walter. Such a great way to bring Peter and our Walter into an episode that normally wouldn’t have them. Peter’s appearance reminded me of Ghost Obi Wan Kenobi in The Empire Strikes Back and return of the Jedi. Always appearing to her when she least expected to help nudge her along to where she needed to be, the final discussion at the end was the best part how he connected the dots for both Olivia and the audience. Milo was a good guy because it allowed Olivia to unknowingly put to test all of the deprograming that she had gone through in the episode, his brain was wired to only accept what he could see, only accept the known factors, just like Alternate Astrid he couldn’t predict the variables, his variable was Olivia’s war of personality. Milo’s mannerisms reminded me of Daniel Faraday on Lost a little, Daniel was all about Constants until eventually he accepted the idea of variables. Unfortunately Milo wasn’t so quick to change, but could Milo’s ability give us insist into another group on Fringe, The Observers?

Milo’s conversation with his sister Madeline reminded me of Peters encounter with The Observer and how the Observer would finish Peter’s sentences just like Milo’s finished his sisters. Now I know that part of the Observers abilities come from time travel, but both seem to have a cool analyzation of the world and the things that go on around them. The only thing that snapped Milo out of it was his sister showing him the toy horse from his past or holding his hand and at the end he had even slipped past that. It reminds me on in season 1 when the Observer is sitting in a cafĂ© just emotionlessly watching the destruction of a building and the people in it. He had to even eat raw meat and Tabasco sauce in order to even taste his food. Just a theory, but I’m wondering if its preview of the inevitable Observer themed season arc?

Either way The Plateau was a really good episode because every single element added to the main idea of Olivia’s brainwashing slowly coming unraveled.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Jackson Won't Let 'Fringe' Turn Into 'Sliders'

It's not just past, present and future ... it's also the Over There
by LaTOYA FERGUSON, Posted Oct-2-2010

If you keep up with Joshua Jackson news (and who doesn't?), then you already know he took this year's San Diego Comic-Con by storm with his one-man show, Pacey-Con -- a fan convention dedicated to Pacey Whitter, Jackson's "Dawson's Creek" character and the self-proclaimed greatest television character of all time.

It was a hit, of course, and since there's no longer a need for Comic-Con, "[i]t can just be Pacey-Con all the time."

There's the slight chance Joshua Jackson might be living in his alternate universe.

After a little discussion of his past work and an apology for the fifth season of "Dawson's Creek," Jackson did discuss a few relevant things regarding the current season of "Fringe" on Fox, which he describes as now being something akin to two different shows.

"We have the Over There side as they're dealing with their version of the Fringe incidents," Jackson said. And "the Over Here side is where we're dealing with ours." It's an ambitious concept, and as far as Jackson knows, this is the way the show will be for the rest of the season, if not the series.

But don't assume this means even more ambition in the forms of other alternate worlds. For Jackson, even though "Fringe" has set up the possibility an infinite amount of the alternate worlds, it possibly becomes too convoluted and unfocused.

"It becomes that Jerry O'Connell show, 'Sliders'," Jackson joked to Zap2it.

Perhaps that's the case, or perhaps it's just because he prefers the father/son relationship aspect of "Fringe." Jackson claims that it's amazing to have this sort of dynamic in a background of a science-fiction show with a female lead, and that getting to work with John Noble is basically a breath of fresh air.

"I got all my romantic, angsty bullshit out of my system years ago," he said.

Hopefully there's a little bit of that "romantic, angsty bullshit" left for the inevitable reveal of Fauxlivia's duplicitous nature later this season, though.

"Fringe" airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.

USA Today interview with Anna Torv

Anna Torv, far from the fringe
By Brian Truitt, USA TODAY

Anna Torv has to wonder how she went from an Australian TV drama with a bunch of twentysomethings sitting around talking about their relationships over beer to an American sci-fi show like Fox's Fringe, where she is regularly doing action sequences in alternate universes.

"Sometimes at 3 in the morning when we're still shooting outside in the rain, running around and blowing things up, I want that scene where I'm on the couch with a cup of cocoa, going, 'Sure, if you just call him, he'll ...' But really, only at 3 in the morning," says the Australian actress, laughing during a break while on the Vancouver set of Fringe.

Read more here:

Alt-Plivia's connection to Peter

I would think it would be easy for Walter and Peter to tell Olivia from Bolivia on Fringe. What gives? — Ted

MICKEY: Well, Bolivia's physical transformation is meticulous, and you'll see her come up with a very plausible explanation for her un-Olivia-like behavior. But Joshua Jackson points to a third factor. "I think there's something really cool about the idea that people from the same universe have some instinctual, animal level of connection to each other," he says. "The reason Peter responds to the other Olivia is because that would be his Olivia."

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Olivia's Alt-Ally

I’m obsessed with what ‘Fringe’s Anna Torv said about Olivia finding a new ally in the alternate universe. Did she give any other clues? – Deb

Did Anna? No. John Noble? Maybe. When I questioned alt-Broyles’ allegiance to the Secretary of Defense, Noble responded, “Broyles is a strong character. Now, how much he’ll go along with things is to be revealed.”

Friday, October 1, 2010

“The Box” Episode Review or the shape of things to come by Paul Burrows

While I really liked last week’s episode “Olivia” I really loved this weeks “The Box” and one of the main reasons was that we got to see kooky Walter again and his interactions with Peter and Astrid. Another reason this episode was so great was being able to see Bolivia in action and her true colors along with Peter being manipulated into building the doomsday device.

During the funeral scene and beforehand it really felt like Nina actually knew that Walter would be the new head of Massive Dynamic. I’m excited to see them transition into that role of working together and tolerating each other. The best thing about it is that we will be able to find out new secrets about Massive Dynamic and if it’s really such an evil company. Speaking of hints of things to come William Bell in his will mentions a friend named Isaac “My great friend Isaac once said, life is joy, death is peace. It's transition that's difficult. I was not a man of many friends, but if I'd had hundreds, I would still cherish the two of you most. Nina, I was your right hand, and you were mine. For the many hours we spent exploring the impossible, a small thank you. And for the precious few we had alone in Tuscany, a memento of me. Walter, we gather knowledge faster than we gather wisdom. By now I trust you have ample reserves of both. I hope you've forgiven me.” That’s probably not the last time that we’ll hear his name again since the Fringe writers like to slip things in way in advance for a later pay off. I noticed that Nina received the bell that William Bell rang when Olivia had her first meeting with him in one of the still standing alternate World Trade Towers in the season 1 finale. It was also great how Walter walked past a room with a transporter and it was making the Star Trek sound.

The other great thing about this episode was the moment where Walter tries to tell Peter his side of the story; something really needs to be done to convince the Emmy voters to nominate John Nobles. It was heartbreaking to watch Walter in that moment. This also spawned another thing with the developing friendship between Walter & Astrid; it was very sweet to see how now that Walter couldn’t lean on Peter or Olivia for emotional support she was there for him and how she pushed him to do necessary things. Some are saying that it might be more, but with all of the farting, brain licking, calling her Aspirin and other crazy things that Walter did in just that episode it would be a major stretch to believe that. It’s more of a familial type friendship and it’s nice to see that.

This episode was also very telling because we saw a Bolivia who is starting to be very minorly conflicted. She asserted her dominance over Newton, but when she had to shoot the deaf guy there was the tiniest bit of hesitation. So it will be interesting watching her while she tries to influence Peter & Walter to work on the device and possibly become influenced herself and then Newton trying to take back the leadership from her. Another thing that is great is from next weeks trailer it looks like the Alternate stories will be the normal Freak/Monster/Pattern of the week and that the normal world episodes will be the search for another piece to the device. Kind of the same as usual, but I like the twist to things. As for The Observer sighting you can see the back of him walking down the stairs as Newton is leaving the Box in the subway.