Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More William Bell?

I came upon this Tweet earlyer today from Fraser Valley Tradex

"Fox's TV Series "Fringe" was being filming at Tradex last Friday! Leonard Nimoy and Joshua Jackson were onsite"

(Spoilers) TV Guide: Fringe Exclusive: Across the Universes (Spoilers)

(Spoilers) (Spoilers) (Spoilers) (Spoilers) (Spoilers)

Looks like some awesome stuff is coming!

-Alt Broyles helps Olivia return

-Bolivia cover gets blown

-Both return to their proper world

-Peter and Olivia have to figure out how to rebuild their relationship

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

E! Kristen: Fringe Bosses Answer Your Burning Fan Q's: Part One, "Over Here"

Tuesday 3:00 PM PDT by Jennifer Arrow

Shapeshifters, doppelgängers and evil twins, oh my! Fox's wicked smart sci-fi series Fringe is back with all-new episodes this Thursday, and us fans are dying to know if our boy Peter will realize that his girl's sort of a replicant, if Walter will be able to defeat Walternate's diabolical plan, and whether or not good Olivia can escape her mental prison "over there."

To find out the answers to these and other burning fan Q's, we took your Twitter queries straight to show runners Jeff Pinkner and Jeff Wyman, and here's what they revealed about what's going on "over here":

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@No1withaU (via Twitter): Are we going to see any Olivia against Altlivia? #fringe
Jeff Pinkner: There will not be a confrontation between the two women in the early part of the season.
Joel Wyman: Not a physical one.

@chachithegreat (via Twitter): Does Peter know that Fauxlivia is not his Olivia? Is he playing her or does he really not know?
J.P.: Peter pretty much believes that's his Olivia. He's just clocking the changes that are going on with her, what he thinks is an existential change for the character, since she's been through so much and has come back. [He thinks she] has seen what you could call the error of her ways in how she's lived her life, and that she's sort of had this epiphany where she sees the world so much clearer than she did before. He [sees] normal changes that are more about her personality, rather than suspecting she's not who she says she is.

Are Peter and the other Olivia fully in the throes of a relationship? Was that sex that they had?
J.W.: That was sex! That was definitely sex, and the next time we see them together, which will be in two episodes from now, pretty early on in the episode, we define exactly where there relationship is right now.

So when Olivia comes back, she'll discover that her boyfriend had an affair with...herself?
J.W.: Yes, imagine that. Coming back and realizing that your boyfriend has sort of had an affair with you—and maybe a better version [of you], which is so sad.

@aquelegobbi (via Twitter): Please ask about Altivia turning good ;)
J.P.: Under the headline that no character thinks they're a bad character, Altivia definitely exposes herself to us as a fully formed thinking woman who's going to realize certain things about existence and the two worlds and what part she's playing and who the other Olivia is and who Peter is and what she stands for—there's definitely going to be a lot of different colors that we get to know about her. She's a really interesting character, because she doesn't have the same things happen to her as a child that Olivia had, so she's Olivia 2.0, the perfect version of the character. So we get to contrast Olivia with Bolivia, and we get to see what could have been for our Olivia, and what's holding her back as a character. It's our intention to really examine Fauxlivia and have her be well-rounded.

By the way, Anna's doing a wonderful job with the two characters.
J.W.: Both she and John Noble and Lance Reddick, all of them, but particularly Anna, it's amazing how authentic both versions of all their characters are. As Anna has said, "Olivia wants to save the world. Bolivia wants to win." And in her mind, Olivia is somebody who was damaged, as a child. Walter experimented on her and the consequence of the experimentation was that she denies her own personal needs in favor of saving those people around her, and the world. Whereas, Bolivia has the same intrinsic desires to help the world, but to her it's much more a competition, and not a competition against anybody else, but a competition within herself to do right and be good. They both come from a similar foundation, but they're so different.

@EnergyTanks (via Twitter): [Any] episodes featuring the Observers?
J.P.: Yes, there's an Observer-centric episode coming up. Let's just say that what we love to do with the Observer episodes like "August" is give the fans a chance to understand a little more about what they're about, and this time won't disappoint.

Are you concerned at all about the ratings? What are you hearing from the network?
J.W.: Fox has been very supportive of the show, and Warner Brothers has obviously as well. We're just going to keep making the best show we know how to make, and hope that is enough.
J.P.: We talk about, "Are there things we can be doing, are there things we should be doing to broaden our audience?" We're very very pleased with the show that we're making right now, and as Joel said, Fox has nothing but wonderful and supportive. Entirely. From creative point of view, from a numbers point of view, everything. There have been no grumblings at all—quite the opposite—and we have decided that we would rather turn out a show with perhaps a slightly smaller fanbase, but one that's really really passionate about the show, and not worry about gimmicky stuff. What we say is that not everyone likes licorice, but the people that like it, really like it.
J.W.: We want to make that show.

E! Jeff Jensen: 'Fringe' scoop: An exclusive peek at this Thursday's new episode (Thanks, Giants!)

Nov 2,2010, 10:22 AM ET

On behalf of Fringe fans everywhere, I would like to thank Edgar Renteria and the rest of the San Francisco Giants for putting the Texas Rangers out of their misery and winning the World Series last night. By eliminating the need for a sixth and seventh game, the Giants insured us that Fox will indeed be able to air a new episode of the acclaimed sci-fi drama that was four episodes into its so-far sensational third season before it was rudely interrupted by the so-called America’s Pastime. (Sorry for my sarcasm. But with apologies to Tim “The Freak” Lincecum, Fringe is the only freak-of-the-week drama I want to be watching right now.)

When we last left the story three weeks ago, Peter Bishop and Olivia Dunham took their romance to the next level by finally going horizontal — except the Olivia Dunham in question is actually “Bolivia,” Olivia’s genetic doppelgänger from the imperiled parallel dimension currently at war with our own. Peter can’t tell the difference between Earth A Olivia and Earth B Olivia. Or can he? Here’s a theory for you: What if the super-smart ex-con man has long had suspicions about his FBI agent girlfriend, but he’s been trying to deny them out of fear of sabotaging his happiness with Olivia? And what if the ironic consequence of having sex with Bolivia, of taking their relationship to a deeper, more intimate level, is that Peter has the epiphany that his suspicions are actually correct? (I knew there was something strange about you, but I was never able to put my finger on it. But now that I’ve had my fingers all over you, it becomes clear to me that you’re an impostor! How dare you come over here and take advantage of me like that! Now… can we do it again?)

It will be another week before we get any more intel on the Peter-Bolivia drama, as Thursday’s episode focuses on the drama unfolding on Earth B. The Olivia Dunham of Earth A has been brainwashed by “Walternate” into thinking she’s actually Bolivia (to buy Walternate some time to study her and figure out how she’s physically capable of toggling between parallel worlds) and going on missions with Bolivia’s cohorts in Earth’s B’s own version of Fringe division. (None of them know the truth about Olivia except their supervisor, Broyles. Should he get a funky alt-world name, too? If only this Broyles had an English accent, we could call him … London Broyles!) But Olivia is beginning to crack — her brain is coughing up visions of Peter, trying to convince her that her life is a lie — and the drama intensifies in this week’s episode.

For a sneak peek at this week’s episode, check out the exclusive clip below. I’d tell you more about it, but due to one of those weird tech things, I actually can’t see it myself until I actually post this. (I can explain parallel worlds to you, but I don’t know jack about this video embedding stuff.) And then, after watching the episode on Thursday, make sure you come back here for Ken Tucker’s recap. Glad to have Fringe back — and again, thanks to the Texas Rangers for making it happen. Your lack of clutch hitting is totally appreciated!