Monday, July 25, 2011

Marvel Comics X-Men Panel

I went to a Marvel Comics X-Men Panel and they spoke about a new huge storyline (Schism) that’s just started that’s going to change a lot. Before it was always Charles Xavier vs. Magneto. But since Cyclops has been leading and Wolverines has basically been his hitman and since they have always had a shaky trust / working relationship something finally happens to cause them to have a huge break, so much so that half of the X-Men are going to believing with Wolverine and the new dynamic will be Cyclops ideology vs. Wolverines with will replace the Professors X’s peace with Human’s ideal vs. Magnetos crush the humans before they crush us ideal. Cyclops has always been survival and drawing inwards. So I’m guessing that Wolverines side will be something that’s the opposite of that. It should be interesting. Bad thing though is that Uncanny X-Men is around issue 540 and after the big break they are going back to #1 with Uncanny X-Men and Wolverine and the X-Men, so unless they eventually go back to the old numbering we won’t have a #600 celebration or higher. (Which is a possibility) But is seems like a cool story which will spin into other cool stories.

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