Monday, July 25, 2011

Comic-Con 2011: Entertainment Weekly Lost Retropective

I went to a “Lost: One Year Later with Jeff "DOC" Jensen & Dan Snierson Panel. They were talking about Jeff giving a gift to Dan of a Lost Deleted scene video and suddenly a Stormtrooper runs in telling them to stop and to not show the tape/ He rips his helmet off to reveal Carlton Cuse! Then someone else charges in in a Star Wars costume yelling that the tape must be shown and it was revealed that he was Damon Lindelof! So they agree to finally show it but before they do Darlton talks about how they had made a scene in season one that proved that they did have things planned out since season 1. It was a fake deleted scene from the season one finale Exodus with Locke & Jack arguing about how they were all brought there by the island and it showed Jacob and MIB in the background watching them and discussing about how MIB had become the Smoke Monster, Jacob bringing everyone to the island and MIB made fun of Jacobs island/bottle analogy. Very funny, it’s great to see how well Darlton can make fun of each other.

The rest was a Q & A

What would you change? Damon Only 5 seasons Carlton: No Tattoo episode. LOL -- (Some artist went through some natural disaster and so Carlton bought a bunch of prints of a Lost characters in a Star Wars poster to give away to all those who ask questions.)

Any blowback from ABC for the religious aspects (Rose praying with Charlie example)? No ABC was really supportive of it they really tried to represent all religions.

Why couldn’t Widmore and Ben kill each other? Because they believed that they couldn’t.

Who was in the season 5 outrigger? There are unanswered questions in life just like the show. (Dodge) They purposely withheld the answer from the show because trying to answer it caused too many problems.

I asked them if Libby’s back story was always supposed to be what we saw on screen. (I sited the crazy fan rumors about Libby being a spy for Widmore or her ex-Husband dying in the deck accident that Hurley caused and her wanting revenge) They told me that what was on the screen had always been planned.

Walt Question. Never was going to answer WHY Walt was special. They said that the why questions are not ones they really should be answering. Walt was there to show that there were people who were special. Along with Miles Hurley Locke etc.

They revealed that Michael Giacchino was in the audience. Afterwards I gave a set of Lost Trading Cards to Jeff Jensen and Dan Sniderson.

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