Friday, July 2, 2010

Saturn Awards 2010: Exclusive -- Anna Torv on ‘Fringe' Season 3

Sat., Jun. 26, 2010 5:30 PM PDT , by Joseph McCabe

Wondering what's in store for our heroes on Fringe in the wake of the parallel universe storyline that ended the show's second season? I spoke with star Anna Torv at Thursday's Saturn Awards, where the gorgeous star, after winning Best Actress, shared some of her thoughts on her character Agent Olivia Dunham's storyline, and where it's likely to go next. Hit the jump for my exclusive interview.

Torv began by confessing she knew very little about what lies ahead. "I don't know anything, and I know that people think that we're all lying, but none of us know anything. I just put in a call to Jeff, who's our show runner, just before our dinner started to say, ‘What are we doing?' He told me [a little], and I can't say anything except that – I'm sorry! – but I think they're gonna get to see a little bit more of the alternate universe, a little bit more of this one. That's all I got."

Torv added that she's thrilled with how the alternate universe has opened up the show. "When I first read the script – 'cause we don't really know anything, until we've read it – I was so excited about that. I think that it just opens the show up. I mean, I think the show is good – but it opens it up to a whole different kind of place. I don't know how far they'll go with it, but it is, in essence, like a kind of different show but not, and the possibilities of going between both worlds."

As for where she'd like to see her character go, Torv remarked, "I think I have ideas but everything got thrown up in the air when we did the cross to the other side, and then especially the way that the ended the season. So I don't know what's going to happen to her. I don't think she's going to be stuck in the cell for the whole season. So no, I don't think that they'll play the whole season with her in a cell, but I don't know how easily she's going to be able to escape back to her own reality. I don't even really know what I want. I'm just sort of starting to think about it."

Torv explained that while Fringe has its share of nightmarish images, in real life she gets pretty freaked out watching thrillers and horror films. "I was saying this to someone on the phone the other day. I've got so many friends that just love horror movies. I just get so, so scared from them. And I've been, I've just started to watch [them] and I freak out at the blood. What was Peter Jackson's first film? I think it's Dead Alive with the guy climbing out of the pipes scene and the zombies. He's a friend of mine, in New Zealand, and I tried to watch that – even that – and I couldn't. It was just too much. Just way too scared. Freddy Krueger I saw a picture of when I was ten years old, and I've never even watched the film again."

"It gave me nightmares," she laughed. "It's too terrible."

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