Monday, July 26, 2010

Comic-Con 2010: EW Women Power Panel

EW Women Power Panel
I spent the morning wandering the hall and buying half off Graphic Novels, Transformers and other things. After that I got into the long and hot (since it was out side) line for Hall 20 the second biggest hall in the San Diego Convention Center.

Elizabeth Mitchell from from Lost and V, Anna Torv from Fringe and 3 other women from Scott Pigram and another movie spoke about being a woman in Hollywood, I was mostly interested in the Lost & Fringe stuff so that's what I'm reporting here.

Elizabeth Mitchell spoke about dangling in a well which received a huge response from the audience. She also spoke about how excited she got when she got her first flashback. Also how weirded out she was about her "The Other Woman" flashback.

One of the Movie actresses were talking about running around shooting guns and Anna Torv compared that to how she had recently been running around in a forest while shooting a future episode.

When asked about how nice it is that now women don't have to wear revealing clothes just like Men can now can show weaknesses, Anna Torv said that she was glad that her role always requires that she dresses up. She commented about how funny it was that on Fringe Olivia usually does all of the boy action stuff while the boys are usually found chatting in the kitchen.

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