Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Comic-Con 2010 Saturday: Fringe Panel

The Panel started off with a video showing the different scenes of season 1 & 2 like in last years Comic-Con panel. The main creators and the main 6 actors came out.
-They said that the major theme for season 3 will be "The Road Not Taken", I remember that last years theme was something like "Hidden things revealed". There will be lots of time spent in the alternative reality.

-Anna Torv said that Sam Weiss is real. ( I kind of wish that someone would have asked them to confirm the Sam Weiss clue in the finale. Blair Brown said that she thinks that the Alt-Nina would not care about control and she joked that Astrid is her and Broyle's love child.
-We will see Astrids apartment. The actress said that her Alt self is more anilitical and less emotional and caring then her regular self.

-The creators mentioned that Joss Wheden had said that Fringe has a good mixture of Myth andnon myth episodes. They spoke about how they will continue to alternate between myth and non myth episodes, but that they will try to slip more myth into most of the non myth ones. The Peter Weller episode was used as an example.
-The Creators spoke about the use of red in the Alt world and how they used that color both to differentiate between the realities and because red represented Firemen and how people think more favorably about them then the Police.

-I got in line to ask a question about if some of the dropped season 1 themes like the Peters adult backstory, the ZFT Bible, the Pattern, Peter favor to Nina and other things will pop up again, but I got sent away. A lot of the questioners were asking silly acting questions.
One of the things that will be explored in season 3 is the first people. Also that the Alt world knows things that our world does not like eletronics, etc.

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