Monday, July 26, 2010

Anna Torv Signing

Saturday morning the Fox booth handed out tickets for an Anna Torv signing and I didn't know about it. So I got in line behind the ticket holders along with some other people with the same hopes. We thought sure that we wouldn't get to go through because they were starting to send people away because the line was causing fire Marshall problems. But luckily the line was moving quick. In the line I spoke with 2 very vocal girls (but very nice) that told me that some moron was grabbing about 20 tickets (to scalp I'm guessing) and elbowed/pushed both of them when they said anything. I hate it when idiots do things like that. I just love all of the people that you run into in lines at Comic-Con, getting to hang out with this many people with common Geek interests has been awesome.
I have to say that normally I dislike actors. I'm sure that most of them are great, but a lot of them have very weird ideas that they feel a need to spout off on at every chance that they get. But ever since Lost come out and now Fringe its been a huge treat to be able to meet someone on the shows that I like. One thing about me is I sometime start babbling like an idiot when I get around celebrities. Its a huge blur but when I got up to Anna Torv for my turn to have a poster signed I vaguely remember saying something like "I love you" I tried to recover by adding something like how I loved her character. She smiled, but I could tell that she was thinking that I was another weird fan boy. I then gave here a print of the Olivia, Peter and Walter designs that I have made and she genuinely acted like she liked it. I then toke a picture for one of the girls in the line and got out of there.

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