Tuesday, March 8, 2011

FRINGE Austello Spoilers

I'm curious how they are going to work in Henry with Olivia back on our side? I love Sam Weiss and I'm glad that we get more of him. It would be great if Season 4's theme is "The First People"

Question: Three weeks and no Fringe spoilers. I call that a massive failure on your part. You better make up for that with something big. —Duncan
Ausiello: No pressure though, right? Let’s see…. My gut is telling me that Episode 18, titled “Bloodline,” will be set Over There because it marks the return of both Andre Royo and Amy Madigan as Olivia’s alterna-sidekick and mother, respectively. Don’t keep me in suspense — how’d I do?!

Question: Seriously, where is the Fringe scoop lately? —Jeff
Ausiello: Ugh, not you too. Sorry, I’ve got nothing else… THIS JUST IN: Sources confirm to me exclusively that Kevin Corrigan is set to reprise his role as Olivia’s bowling alley counselor/confidante Sam Weiss in Episodes 20 and 21!

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