Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ask Austello: Last two episode titles of Season 3

So does that mean that theres only one Sam Weiss at a time? Or is he the last of the First people before they go extinct? Or is it something else? And that Finale title scares me.

Question: Two weeks in a row with Fringe scoop. Keep the streak alive! —Jeff

Ausiello: OK, we’re now three-for-three, because I happen to have found out the titles of this season’s last two episodes, and at least one of them sounds VERY ominous. (And you know when I do “very” in all caps like that, I mean business.) Let’s start with the penultimate episode (3.21), which is called “The Last Sam Weiss.” I previously reported that Kevin Corrigan would be back as Olivia’s bowling alley counselor/confidant, but what’s intrigued me now is that “last” bit. Before you hit the comments with your theories, grab a seat, take a hit of oxygen, and behold the title of the season finale: “The Day We Died.” Go ahead. Take a moment to process that. [Beat] Moment’s up. It sure sounds to me like we’ll be down one universe if when Fringe returns in the fall, right?

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