Saturday, October 16, 2010

Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep? Episode Review by Paul Burrows

This episode was great because it demonstrated two opposing types of people, those that lie in order to obtain something and those who for different reasons allow themselves to be fooled in order to get what they want. Also it was great to see some of the Shapeshifters learn to develop true human emotions which were seemingly against their programing.

Bolivia has been pretending to be our Olivia since they returned from the alternate universe very effectively, but the lie is starting to unravel. Peter is starting to notice differences in Bolivia and has started to connect some dots, but Peter in convincing himself that nothing is wrong with her because he really wants a relationship with Olivia. He summed it up well when he talked about the old guy dating the hot young girl because of transactional needs and drawing a line in the sand, he even goes as far as to mention that there were differences in Olivia later in the episode, thus demonstrating that Peter is lying to himself because of the relationship that he wants with Olivia.

Newton speaks with Olivia about drawing lines in the sand and about how doing so will be the end of her lie. Olivia is starting to show feelings for Peter, she’s starting to care for Peter primarily and even a little for Walter. At the same time she’s trying to use love/lust to use Peter, but it’s starting to backfire on her. But besides Olivia starting to have feelings there’s also another glimmer of hope for our Fringe team, it’s interesting how Walter under the LSD trip was the one who was able to actually see the truth behind her lie, if you look closely when Olivia, Broyles and Walter were in an office and Walter made the comment about Olivia’s hair you can tell a few minutes later that he notices something different about her. I’m guessing that he sees a glow around her like the real Olivia saw around Peter and like how the college students that he and Bell had use LSD to get them to see the alternate world awhile back. So it’s only a matter of time before they put things together and see the truth. And in this episode two Shapeshifters even became truthful to their programing.

Newton told the Policeman Shapeshifter that his family life was just a weigh station; he told him that having feelings was against his programing. But seeing how William Bell was the creator of the Shapeshifters and I would guess that he secretly added emotions to the Shapeshifters, its Walternate that commanded them to do infiltration and other bad things. So I feel that when the Senator and the Policeman showed love towards their families that they were demonstrating a hidden programing that Bell had designed in order to undermine Walternate’s agenda.

A few final thoughts, I loved how Walter was giving a lecture to some of the Massive Dynamic scientists while under the influence of LSD and how he later told Astrid to not eat his pudding. Also it was great how he finally got her name right. As for Observer sightings there’s one at the 19 minute mark when Bolivia, Peter & Broyles meet with Walter in the Massive Dynamic lobby.

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