Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fringe | A Day On The Set Of Massive Dynamic

This was posted the day of last weeks episode.

Thursday, October 14th, 2010 at 1:00pm
by Josh Wigler

I am in tonight’s episode of Fringe. Well, maybe. We’ll see.

In August, I was invited to visit the Vancouver set of Fox’s critically acclaimed science fiction series, currently in production on its third season. This wasn’t my first time visiting Fringe, having traversed the halls of Massive Dynamic and Walter Bishop’s Harvard laboratory earlier this year in anticipation of the second season finale. But this trip would be much different than the last, as I wasn’t invited just to report — I was invited to act.

Before I make this sound too glamorous, you should know that I was invited to participate as an extra. So, no, despite being within a five foot vicinity of actors Joshua Jackson, John Noble and Blair Brown, I wasn’t actually acting with them — just acting around them. That doesn’t make my televised debut any less glorious — at least that’s what my mom tells me — and lest you think otherwise, the role of an extra is not an enviable one; sure, there’s the free food and the opportunity to schmooze with a wide range of industry folks, but there’s also heartbreak.

Two rounds of heartbreak on my part, at least.

More of the experience here.

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