Monday, September 27, 2010

Fancast: ‘Fringe’s Anna Torv: Olivia Will Find Another Alt-World Ally

by Matt Webb Mitovich
Sep 26th, 2010 1:46 PM
The bad news for fans of ‘Fringe’s original-flavor Olivia: As hinted at the close of the Season 3 premiere, an adrenaline rush has led her to be overcome by the implanted “Bolivia” memories, so now she completely believes she is her alternate self.

The good news: Once she does reacquire an awareness of who she really is, our Olivia will get a helping hand in her mission to cross back over.

“For a little bit, you have [lost original Olivia],” Torv shared when Fancast and six other online outlets visited the Vancouver set of Fox’s ‘Fringe’ this week. “But not for a huge amount of time.”

Meaning, Olivia will at some point start to toggle back and forth between memory sets? “She knows there’s something that’s a little bit ‘off,’” Torv confirms.

Thus far, Olivia has recruited only one sympathizer to her cause – a cab driver played in the season opener by Andre Royo (’The Wire’). Though Royo is set to reprise that role a few episodes down the road, he won’t be the only one to entertain Olivia’s endeavor to get back home.

“Further down the line, she does end up finding another ally,” Torv says, measuring her words carefully. Pressed to reveal if it’s perhaps someone we already know “over there” in the alt-verse, Torv clammed up. “I’m not saying anything more!” she said with a laugh, and then apologized for being “cagey.”

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