Friday, June 25, 2010

TV Guide Spoilers: Government interference and Olivia's Other Mother

Man this is getting exciting.

I can't wait to see how the new season of Fringe goes down. What have you heard? — Martha

MICKEY: As it did in Season 1, the Fringe division will have an in-house adversary, a powerful government official who thinks Agent Broyles gives his team far too much latitude. Her actions will complicate things for Walter & Co., who will already be burdened by the secret sabotage of Nolivia (the "over-there" Olivia).

[POWERFUL FEMALE GOVERNMENT AGENT] -35-55. Becomes an adversary to our Fringe team. Possible 3-4 episodes out of the first 9. Starts episode 302 approximately July 19th. Submit all ethnicities. PLEASE ALSO SUBMIT NAME ACTORS.
[FEMALE THERAPIST] – 35-70- She’s trustworthy, comforting, maternal and lovely. Starts approximately July 8. Submit all ethnicities. Possibly recurring.
[INNOCENT MALE STRANGER] – 35-70. Wonderful character actor who is also charming. He gets caught up in action that has nothing to do with him. Submit all ethnicities. Appears in episode 1. Starts approximately July 8th.

I can't wait for Fringe to be back. What do you know about Olivia's mother? — Jack

MICKEY: So far, we're hearing that we'll only see her "over there," and that her ties to the Bishop family will be surprising.

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