Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fringe Fans Want Jasika Nicole on Glee

Written By: Melissa BiJeaux (Staff Writer) on Friday, June 18, 2010 at 11:10am PST

Fans are used to speaking their mind via the internet, with the hopes of garnering the attention of the networks who host their favorite shows. Fringe fans are no different. Most recently, fan-created blog The Fringe Report has started a petition to get Jasika Nicole -- who plays the optimistic and loyal FBI junior agent Astrid Farnsworth -- to lend her vocal skill to FOX's Glee. And after hearing her exercise her musical muscles in Fringe's noir episode "Brown Betty," I think she'd fit right in with the Gleeks.

Nicole hails from Birmingham Alabama, and attended Catawaba College in North Carolina, studying theater, voice, and dance. She then traveled to New York City to pursue her career in the arts. She stared opposite Bronson Pinchot in The Musical "Chasing Nicolette," and most notably in the off-Broadway production of "Café a Go-Go." Recently, she appeared in the premiere of "Believe in Me...a Bigfoot Musical" in the 2004 NYC Fringe Festival.

Nicole is also an avid drawer, and has sold her drawings to an avid fan base online, including her own line of eco-friendly tote bags displaying her artwork. She also penned a comic called "High Yella Magic" which she is preparing to develop into a graphic novel.

If production scheduling didn't become a problem, as both shows will be airing during FOX's fall season, I wouldn't mind seeing Jasika hit some high notes on Glee. I, like many fans of Fringe, very much enjoyed hearing her showcase her vocal talent, and hope that if she can't score a spot on Glee, maybe the Fringe writers will pen another musical scene for Agent Farnsworth.

To support the petition, go HERE or to The Fringe Report.

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