Thursday, August 18, 2011

TV Line: The Two Walters

Fringe As Season 3 came to a close, Walter and Walternate weren’t in a room together for but a minute before they started hurling accusations at each other. Such banter between the alters will continue when the new episodes arrive. “Oh, they’re always cross with each other,” John Noble told me, two episodes into filming. “And the thing about having an argument with yourself is you can take the gloves off, and that’s what they’ll be doing — abusing each other. But ultimately they’ll have to resolve their issues.” As they address the mystery of their conjoined worlds, who will prove to be the smarter of the two? Sure, Walter lost some years in the bin, but his counterpart hasn’t exactly been chained to a lab Over There. “Walternate’s a pretty sharp dude,” says Noble, “but maybe he’s not on top of the science like Walter.”

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