Monday, May 2, 2011

TV Line: Fringe‘s Time Warp


To date, John Noble has been tasked with playing Walter, Walternate and younger versions of each. But as glimpsed in the promo for the season finale airing Friday, he has added Future Walter and Walternate to his repertoire – the former of which seems to have regressed to the disoriented incarnation first visited in the series pilot. “There’s a variation [on one of my characters] that you’ll see in the finale that did affect my concentration, my mood,” the actor shares. Speaking of the sure-to-be-freaky season-ender, Noble suggests that the “6:02″ time that was critical to the April 22 episode will come into play again during the Fox drama’s closing hour. “That time frame is very important to remember as we get to the finale,” he teases. Do you think Future Peter might somehow travel to the past – to prior to 6:02 AM on that meaningful morning — to keep the Machine from being activated in the first place?

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