Thursday, August 19, 2010

Peter Bishop Confirmation

It looks like were going to see half as much of Peter Bishop in Season 3 as previous seasons. It's kind of a bummer, but on the other hand it gives us more screen time with characters like Broyles, Nina, Astrid and other characters that we don't usually get to see. And more importantly more time with Alternate Charlie! I just hope that he's not a jerk in the Alt reality.

Zach in Santa Clara, Calif.: What is the deal with the two universes on Fringe and what does it mean for Joshua Jackson that Peter doesn't have an alternate?
You can file this under no good, very bad news: Josh is only in every other episode. The artist formerly known as Pacey Witter himself told us he isn't in the season premiere and he's not in any of the odd-numbered episodes. Blasphemy! Why are the powers that be doing this to us, you ask? We spoke with his co-star Lance Reddick who spilled that, "Every other episode is going to be either one universe or the other. So, they're going to be alternating universes at least for the first half of the season." On the bright side, at least Josh now has more time to plan next year's Pacey-Con, and that upcoming guest stint on The Vampire Diaries.

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